• Amelie Memo Wall Cupboard

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    Put this wall cupboard on the wall in the hall or kitchen and keep all those last minute items in one place, you can store keys so you8 don't lose them, keep the post in the cabinet until you have had a change to deal with it, much better than leaving post and keys somewhere and then not being able to find them again later.

    The front door of the cabinet is hinged and opens on a magnetic catch, on the front of the door is a cork board where you can pin all the important notices, school activities, cubs and brownies events, church newsletters, birthday party invites, cheque for the milkman and all those things where you really should have somewhere safe to pout them all.

    Below the large cord door cabinet is a large drawer with a brass drawer knob, inside you can put mobile phones, car keys, letters and coins to keep them safe.