• Blue Stripe Blackout Tab Top Curtains

    Blue Stripe Blackout Tab Top Curtains Buy Now at Amazon

    Cotton blackout curtains that will suit both a boys or girls room as the stripes are coloured pink and blue with felt top and bottoms, made from 100% cotton with a thick, heavy lining that will keep bright sunlight out of your kids room helping them to sleep at night.

    It's easy to hang these curtains, simply thread your curtain pole through the tabs at the top of the curtain and your done, very simple to hand.

    If sunlight, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, shop lights or car headlights keep your kids awake at night then these blackout curtains will keep the room dark so kids can fall asleep without being disturbed by bright lights coming in through the windows.

    Early morning sunlight will also be blocked so your kids won't wake up early before they have too.