• Columbus Underbed Storage Drawer - Set of 2

    Columbus Underbed Storage Drawer - Set of 2 Buy Now at Amazon

    Solid oak wood under bed storage system with two drawers, the drawers have cut out hand holds to make it easy to pull the drawers out, the drawers run on castors so are easy to pull out and push in again no matter if you have a wood or carpet floor, the castors will even roll over rugs on the floor without difficulty as shown in the picture.

    Use the storage drawers for storing your children's games and toys or for storing clothes, with two separate drawers there's room for both toys and clothes in the drawers and because an under bed storage system uses a space that would normally be wasted your gaining storage and not losing any space with these smart oak wood under bed drawers.

    These drawers are delivered fully assembled so there's nothing to assemble just slide these drawers under your bed and start using them.