• Combination Unit 7 Drawer

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    This combination drawer has seven different sized drawers so there's plenty of space for all your children's toys or clothes, you can choose the colours of the linen drawers if you want drawers for the shelves or leave the shelves open, the colour choices for the shelves are blue, cream, white, red and brown with either a sport pattern, heart pattern or star pattern as well as plain colours.

    The seven drawer combination unit can be used as a bookshelf or with the coloured storage drawers, the unit is made from wood and has a light tan colour wood finish.

    There's three rows of shelves which you can use as plain shelves or with the canvas drawers, there's three large height shelves in the middle that will accommodate large school, folders, children's large hardback books and toys or with the canvas drawers you can store clothes or shoes in the drawers as well.