• Daisy Chain Rug - Large

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    A large rug which is big enough for the whole family to sit on, perfect for the lounge where the hand tufted rug will feel warm and snug under bare feet and perfect for a play rug in any room of the house where you want to create a safe and warm space for your child to play, a space that is just for them.

    In the bedroom put this large rug on the floor for play or for getting dressed in the morning when the house is cold and little hands and feet can stay warm on the rug whilst they dress.

    The rug is blue in colour and has large white daisy flowers with spots of pink, purple, red, blue and green.

    If your carpets are a bit dated and you want to put some life into a room then a lovely big rug is an excellent way to lift a room and make a room more child friendly.