• 'Life's a Beach' Wooden Sand Pit

    'Life's a Beach' Wooden Sand Pit Buy Now at Amazon

    A large wooden sand pit with seats for eight children and a weatherproof cover to put over the sandpit to keep the rain, leaves, grass cuttings, cats and dogs out of the sandpit.

    The sandpit is made from gorgeous looking natural wood that has a dark natural wood colour and has been weatherproofed to last for years the bench seats simply fit over the sides of the wooden sandpit, there are four separate bench seats included.

    A groundsheet is included, simply lay the groundsheet out on the lawn or other area of ground where you want the sandpit and place the wooden sandpit over the groundsheet, there's no need to do anything else, your now ready to fill the sandpit with sand, at the end of the summer or if you decide to move the sandpit somewhere else in the garden simply lift up the sandpit, no holes are required to be dug in the ground.