• Nordic Single Midsleeper Bed

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    This raised bed is a real space saver and lots of fun for your children too, the bed is raised up as if it where a bunk bed but underneath is not a bunk bed but instead bedroom furniture including a bookshelf with two shelves for your books, a chest of drawers with three drawers and a slide out desk with two bookshelves on the end.

    There's a ladder to climb into the bed and a little shelf next to the bed for holding a book or a glass of water, the ladder is secured to the bed and has both a sturdy handrail for climbing up and illuminated grips on the steps of the ladders.

    The bed and furniture is made from natural wood and has a very light brown colour, this sett of bedroom furniture is both fun for your child and highly practical as you don't need much space to fit it all in, in fact if you can fit a bed in the room then all this furniture will fit too.