• Northcote Play Table With Trundle Drawer

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    Is this a play table or a coffee table, the answer is its both, one side of the playable has a fun kids picture of roads and islands with beaches and sand and can be used with your child's toy cars and trains to make a little racetrack for pretend play and the other side of the play table is plain white and matches the finish of the play table frame and is perfect for a coffee table in the lounge.

    With two uses as a coffee table and a play table its ideal for smaller houses where there's just not enough space to have a separate coffee table and play table, there's also two large drawers in the side of the play table and these can be accessed from removing the play table top or by opening the drawers.

    The drawers have large hand holds and are easy to open and just the place to store, newspapers, magazines, children's books and children's toys and games.