• Reece Midsleeper Cabin Bed - Beech

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    This cabin bed is ideal for small bedrooms that would like a full compliment of children's furniture in the bedroom but simply don't have the room.

    What makes this bed and furniture set special is that the bed is raised up like a bunk bed so all the furniture fits underneath the bed so if you have room for a single bed then now you also have room for a desk with drawer, two door cupboard, three shelf bookshelf and storage unit and three segment book shelf and storage unit.

    With this bed you get all that furniture cleverly stored under the bed, the desk slides out from under the bed when you want to use it and even when in bed there's a bookshelf above the bed for all your child's books and cuddly toys for bed with this cleverly designed bed and furniture set your small bedroom becomes able to have all the furniture you need to support your child.