• Reece Midsleeper Cabin Bed - White

    Reece Midsleeper Cabin Bed - White Buy Now at Amazon

    A white coloured bed and furniture package for a boys or girls room as the white furniture is unisex and can be personalised for a little boy or little girl by choosing soft furnishings like pillow cases, duvet covers and curtains in your little boy or little girls favourite colour, for example pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

    This furniture set is specially designed for a small bedroom as all the furniture fits under the bed which is raised up like a bunk bed so that the furniture fits underneath, so if you do have a tiny room for your child don't feel guilty simply get this furniture set and your child will have all the furniture they need including desk with drawer for their studies, two drawer cupboard for clothes or books and toys, three shelf bookshelf for toys, books and clothes and a three part bookshelf and toy shelf above the bed.