• Star Blackout Lined Curtains

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    Blackout curtains that are pale blue in colour with light blue, dark blue and red stars on the curtain, the curtains are sold in pairs and have easy to hang tab tops which you simply thread the curtain pole through.

    Blackout curtains have a thick and heavy lining which stops all sunlight or artificial light from entering through the window of your child's room so kids can get to sleep at night without complaining that the suns still up and its too light to sleep and in the morning your kids won't be woken up early when at dawn the sun starts to stream through  the window.

    It';s not just bright sunlight that these blackout curtains will protect you from but also street lights, florescent lights, neon lights, car headlights, traffic lights, pedestrian crossing flashing lights and any nuisance light outside that could keep your children awake at night.